What Equipment Do You Need for Curling? [Gearing Up to Play]

First and foremost, you will need curling stones in order to play your first game. Specialized curling stones weigh approximately 40 pounds (18 kilos) and are made of polished granite. Second, you will need curling brooms. The best brooms are made with synthetic bristles. You will also need specialized curling shoes. They are designed with one slick sole and one gripping sole so that you can get into the proper position when sliding your curling stones. Additionally, it’s a good idea to have warm, protective gear. Including grippers, a helmet, and warm pants.

What equipment do you need for curling?

Curling Stones

Curling stones are the centerpiece of the game. Each team takes turns sliding polished granite stones down a sheet of ice towards the target area, called the “house.” The goal is to get your team’s stones closer to the center of the house than your opponent’s stones.

Curling stones are made from dense, fine-grained granite, typically sourced from Scotland’s Ailsa Craig or Wales’ Trefor Granite Quarry. These stones are incredibly durable and can weigh between 38 and 44 pounds. They feature a handle on top, which curlers grip to deliver the stone down the ice.


Curling brooms, also known as brushes, are essential for controlling the stone’s path and speed. Sweepers use the brooms to sweep the ice in front of the stone, reducing friction and allowing the stone to travel further and more accurately. There are two primary types of brooms: the traditional corn or straw broom and the modern synthetic brush.

The traditional corn or straw broom has a long wooden handle with a round head made of corn or straw fibers. While these brooms are still used by some players, they have mostly been replaced by synthetic brushes, which have a flat head with synthetic or hog hair bristles. Synthetic brushes are considered more effective at reducing friction and are less damaging to the ice.

Check out our guide on how to choose the right broom for you.

Additionally, while it sounds like a cool idea, there aren’t any heated brooms for curling. This ensures the game remains fair and focused entirely on skill and teamwork.

Curling Shoes

Curling shoes are specially designed to provide traction and stability on the ice. They have two distinct soles: one for sliding and one for gripping. The slider shoe, worn on the sliding foot, has a Teflon or stainless steel sole that allows for a smooth, controlled slide during the delivery. The gripper shoe, worn on the non-sliding foot, has a textured rubber sole that provides grip and stability during sweeping and walking on the ice.

Curling shoes come in various styles and price points, with the higher-end models offering more support and advanced sliding technology. It’s essential to find a comfortable, well-fitting pair to ensure optimal performance on the ice.

It’s important to choose the right curling shoe for your skill level and play.


Grippers, also known as anti-sliders, are rubber covers that can be placed over the slider sole of a curling shoe. They provide additional traction when walking on the ice or when the slider shoe is not in use. Grippers are essential for safety, as they help prevent slips and falls on the slippery ice surface.

Protective Gear

While curling is considered a relatively low-risk sport, it’s still essential to wear proper protective gear. The most common piece of protective equipment is a helmet or head protection, particularly for beginners or youth curlers. Falls on the ice can result in head injuries, so it’s crucial to protect yourself.

Additionally, some curlers choose to wear knee pads or gaiters to protect their knees during the delivery and sweeping. A good pair of gloves or mittens is also essential for keeping your hands warm and maintaining a solid grip on the broom or stone handle.

Curling Pants

Curling pants are designed to provide warmth, flexibility, and durability on the ice. They are typically made from stretchy, water-resistant materials that allow for a full range of motion during delivery and sweeping. Many curling pants also have reinforced knees for added protection and durability.

Sliding Aids

Sliding aids are optional pieces of equipment that can help beginners or those with limited flexibility maintain balance and stability during the delivery. There are several types of sliding aids, including:

  • Delivery sticks: These are long, lightweight poles with a bracket or clamp at the end that attaches to the stone handle. They allow the curler to deliver the stone without bending down or getting into the traditional sliding position.
  • Sliding stabilizers: These devices resemble a crutch with a horizontal bar that the curler can lean on during the delivery. They provide extra support and balance, making it easier to maintain the proper sliding position.
  • BalancePlus: This is a type of sliding pad with a built-in stabilizer that attaches to the slider shoe. It offers added support and balance during the delivery, helping curlers develop a more consistent and controlled slide.

What is the Essential Equipment for Curling?

In order to begin curling, you will need the following equipment:

  • Polished granite curling stones.
  • Two curling brooms or “brushes.”
  • A pair of specialized curling shoes.
  • Grippers to wear over the slick curling shoe, in order to prevent slips on the ice.
  • A helmet to protect yourself in case of a slip and fall.
  • Warm curling pants.
  • Sliding aids for curlers with physical limitations.

If you are joining a curling league, they may have stones, brooms, and other equipment for you to use. However, you may need to invest in shoes and other apparel in order to feel comfortable while curling.

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